Fernando Aleixo

Born in Lisbon, has on each arrival the beginning of a new journey.

Loves to discover new paths, colors and flavors. From Zagora, Morocco to Saint Petersburg, Russia. From La Paz, Mexico to Swakopmund, Namibia. Always looking for different pleasures, swimming with dolphins in Cuba or watching the sunset in Florence.

Rides on two or four wheels, with eyes on the horizon. Follows the motto "who doesn't loses himself, doesn't find new routes".

José Elias Lourenço

With over 30 years of experience riding motorcycles, this is his vehicle of choice for everyday use. He toured Portugal from one end to the other, gaining knowledge of the various regions, the most amusing roads and the most beautiful landscapes.

He has a huge experience in organizing tours, as well as a guide. Likes adventures, meeting new people, and is a good communicator. The pleasure he has riding a motorcycle, is completed with the pleasure of showing Portugal to its visitors.

José Antonio Sanchéz

Born and living in Cordoba (Andalusia - Spain), a great lover of Spain, country where he has been traveling for 35 years, losing himself by car and motorcycle, discovering its beautiful corners, incredible roads and endless mountain bends, its great cultural heritage, variety and rich gastronomy of each of the regions.
His great passion is to travel the adventure in a motorcycle, which he likes especially when he guides his friends that accompany him to know his country, Spain.

Constantino Sousa Martins

Born in Braga, had the industrial management as a professional activity with experience in several countries of Europe. Motorcycling started as a hobby, and is today its activity of choice. He traveled all over Europe and knows the Iberian Peninsula as the palm of his hand. The events that he guides have a priorities, the natural beauties, the protected spaces, cared for and admired by generations.

Berna Nuevo Lopez

Born in Mexicali, but soon moved to Ensenada, where he has lived for almost 50 years. He has more than 25 years traveling Baja, first competing in automobiles and currently as a guide. He traveled all over Mexico, taking tourists. The tours logistics is his specialty, when Berna is present the food never fails.

What gives him the most pleasure is to meet new people, to know their experiences and to listen to their stories. For him, Baja has the most incredible landscapes that he knows and only seeing you can believe it.

Luís Pena

Luís was born in Lisbon, with the passion for traveling. Specialized in Tourism, and with a post graduation degree in Tour Guiding, he is a guide of excellence.

He loves to live with the locals, and to live the culture, history and gastronomy of the places he goes to. Passionate about his work, and with a deep knowledge of Portuguese heritage, this is the guide that will tell you the history, traditions and customs of his country.

We only has one handicap, doesn't ride motorcycles. But nobody is perfect.

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